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As an IT asset disposal company, recovering maximum value for clients is the key to higher revenues. Our solutions can help you yield the highest quality storage drives, demanding higher resale value on the market. Drives that run through our rigorous testing process ensure your company can offer a warranty without the fear of RMA.


When storage drives are ready for retirement from data centers, they still may have value for the secondary market. With our solutions in-house, you can be sure that no outside company is sneaking into your highly secure data. High volume wiping in-house is our specialty.


Enterprise companies have requirements for high volume laptop wiping, PC wiping, or even server wiping. With our software, we make it easy to sanitize all peripherals of data storage with one solution deployed over entire networks.


IT techs need versatility in storage solutions. From duplication, to wiping, to recovery, IT needs a way to do it all. They also need ways to work with all types of data storage, not just one because every system is different. Our all-in-one solutions serve IT departments for any business, large or small.


It’s impossible to find outdated and unsupported software for medical equipment these days. The only solution to replacing a bad SCSI drive from older equipment is to duplicate it. Our hardware works with all hard drive types, so you’re never S.O.L., plus its portable so it can be done on-site.


Receiving all types of materials means supporting all types of storage drives. We have a multitude of solutions that can handle high volume or low volume storage drive processing. Our solutions will test, wipe, and repair so that you can recover more drives from so called scrapped material.


We offer the easiest and most versatile data recovery solutions in the industry. Depending on the level of recovery, we have a hardware solution to meet low to high budgets. Plus, our solutions can recover data from almost every hard drive interface.


Whether you are utilizing CRU, eSATA, or USB storage to share your produced content, we offer highly efficient, reliable, and scalable duplication solutions that allow you to complete duplication tasks on time.


Our forensic equipment selection is highly recognized by the US Government and many law enforcement agencies, including those outside of the U.S. Our solutions allow faster evidence retrieval for stable drives and damaged media as well. We leave no stone left unturned.


Our solutions for military applications range the gamut from duplicating a hard drive out in the field, erasing out of date IT assets, performing forensics and recovery work on data drives, as well as high volume cloning for military electronic systems. These are just a few of the many ways our systems are utilized to help keep our country safe.


Storage drives are not just for computers and when your build requires a volume of duplicated drives, our solutions can help your manufacturing process with one-step data drive duplication which can be deployed to multiple drives at once.


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Disk Drive Solutions offers products and services designed to meet the continual technological changes of data storage. From data erasure to data recovery, we provide solutions to get the job done. Whether the job requires high volume or low volume output, we can meet the needs of our clients through a mix of our offerings.