Data Storage Wiping Compliance

Most Common Erasure Compliance


The DoD 5220.22-M has been the most popular of all wiping methods as it was designed in 90’s through the Department of Defense in the United States. Since its original inception, there have been iterations to the method up to its latest version found here from 2006. The method now commonly accepted for DOD is a 3-wipe with a 1-pass verify.


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was designed to ensure financial and accounting data stayed secure. There is no specific method of wiping specified in the SOX act, but it requires a company to have a plan in place for keeping data secure. To meet compliance with the SOX act, a company can put to use our solutions internally to ensure strict confidentiality.


The NIST 800-88 is the newest method that has taken precedence over DoD. After much debate of overkill on the DoD method, the Department of Commerce created this method in 2014. As hard drive manufacturers became more aware of data security, they added more ways of erasing themselves. NIST accepts the manufacturer’s methods of erasure but also sets a basic guideline to meet: 1-pass wipe and 1-pass verify.


The HIPAA Privacy Rules by the Department of Health and Human Services was designed to keep our health information secure. Similar to the SOX act, there is no method of wiping specified. However, to meet this compliance companies with client health information must securely destroy data for drives that are to be discarded. Our solutions can help you meet your HIPAA requirements.

Disk Drive Solutions offers hardware and software to meet all data destruction compliance. No matter if the data is highly classified or merely just random data, we help clients meet the necessary compliance to destroy the data in the most efficient and effective way possible. All our solutions provide a Certificate of Destruction for each and every drive processed. This Certificate of Destruction evidence is created after the hard drive has been wiped, ensuring certificates are made only for destroyed data drives.


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Disk Drive Solutions offers products and services designed to meet the continual technological changes of data storage. From data erasure to data recovery, we provide solutions to get the job done. Whether the job requires high volume or low volume output, we can meet the needs of our clients through a mix of our offerings.